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There will not be any updates to this version for this is an old ver

Welcome to wilsoncissel.com. Here you can find some pretty cool and fun websites. Want to submit? Contact wilson@wilsoncissel.com. I will be looking for websites that are cool and fun.

(neal.fun) This site has a couple of games.

(ffffidget.com) This site has a fidget spinner.

This game has you shoot a cannon o get o a number, he numbers switch each time.

Try typing something in and pressing enter, the thing you typed in will appear. (did not work for me for some reason, but might work for you)

This site plays music every time a planet goes around the sun.

Warning:Sometimes this site does not load, if it does not, try reloading it,

Want more, go to pointless or the useless web

Updated on my new dell laptop